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Be sure to book your dog a spa day during their stay, and have a clean and happy pup upon your return!


Kennel-Free Boarding

Once you drop your dog off for this overnight affair, the festivities begin.  Daycare all day and a tuck-in at bedtime in the comfort of a Tire Biter staff member's home.  Bed-time stories are a must for the most comforting stay away from home. 

If your dog has not attended our daycare in the past, this service requires a scheduled orientation / meet and greet. Orientation is by appointment only from Monday-Friday at 2:00 pm. 

What to provide for your dog’s stay with us:

  • Collar with name tag and leash

  • Food and treats along with feeding instructions

  • A favourite toy, bed (optional)

  • Clothing and gear (weather dependent)

  • Emergency contact information including dates of boarding

Call us to set up an appointment at 416.920.9663.