Tire Biter's daycare centre is based on a open concept, group environment with exercise and structure as integral parts of the daily routine.  The day is designed to stimulate all of your dog's senses with play, rest and, of course, cookie time.  A fenced in yard is always accessible to the dogs, sunbathing is optional.

A comprehensive orientation and a strict screening process assess the needs and compatibility of each guest to make sure that all guests are happily integrated into our pack. Orientations are conducted weekdays.  Please call or email us to book an appointment. 

Adult Package (1 year and older):

Get 10 days for the price of 9 days OR $38.75 per day

Puppy Package (4 months-1 year):

Get 10 days for the price of 9 OR $48.75 per day

* Discounts available for clients with multiple dog household



Your dog can arrive in style to and from Tire Biter or any one of many appointments. Pick up times in the morning are 9am-10am and drop offs are 4pm-6:30pm. Prices vary from $13.50 to $16.50 depending on location.